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The story of Mama Benter Yewa Odera

Grandma was known in our family and community for valuing education, giving back, and paying it forward. Her dream was never to leave anyone behind.
Over the years she educated many children in our family and the community from primary to university levels and ensured that after graduation they became gainfully employed. She believed training one child with high potential in a family with little or no financial means could change the outlook for the entire home and community. 
She supported several rural schools by providing laboratory supplies, microscopes, books, and other educational materials to give underprivileged children a fighting chance at competing with their peers. She held a firm belief that everyone given the right support was able to reach their highest potential.

She cared deeply about the environment and was a lover of trees. She started and maintained a forest in her home, which stands to date. She also believed in recycling, not being wasteful, and exploring clean energy options and other natural resource innovations.
This memorial scholarship endowment fund is set up in honor of her memory. It continues her legacy of providing financial and mentorship support to bright promising students in the fields of education, forest management, sustainable farming practices, and clean energy innovation.
The scholarship aims to support 6 students at primary, secondary, and university and 4 innovators grants every calendar year. 
The fund will be managed and administered by her family in close collaboration with the Kasipul Kabondo Scholarship Committee and partnership with the Tropical Institute of Community Health (TICH).

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